Courtesy of Livinghistorynola/Wikimedia Commons

Comus To Parade After Hiatus

20:00 April 01, 2015
By: Emily Hingle

King Comus announced today from behind a silk mask that the controversial krewe will parade after 24 years of hiatus in 2016, stating: 

"As times change, so we must. We want to correct the wrongs that our ancestors and predecessors have inflicted upon the city, and therefore, upon our beloved United States. Those wrongs include the organization of a club based upon ideas of white supremacy, the protection of ‘lily white’ maidenheads from emancipated male slaves and the subjugation of the entire economy of the city of New Orleans to a masquerading business cabal led by a false deity. Just as the State of Louisiana is, today, issuing a formal apology for slavery, so we must own up to our part in creating a hierarchal society that has fomented suspicion, denied merit-based advancement, driven intelligent job seekers from this city, abandoned generations of ‘lesser white’ and ‘brown’ children and condemned thousands to poverty. We profess that these wounds, so deeply inflicted, can only be reversed by confessing to our part in an inglorious master-plan that we can only justify by saying that it seemed like a good idea at the time."

They have enlisted the services of Blaine Kern to design new floats for the krewe who exclusively used mule-drawn carriages since forming in 1856. They are currently in negotiations to aquire famed actor Denzel Washington as their celebrity host. 

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