All Photos: Courtesy of Steve Hatley

Computer Magic and Memory Tapes

16:30 July 16, 2015
By: 2Fik

Last Tuesday School Dance, Computer Magic, and Memory Tapes took their unique takes on electronic music to Gasa Gasa for a fun filled atmospheric show.  The trio of bands also had a geographic tie as at one point they were all based in or around Philadelphia.  Sadly I was unable to catch School Dance, but from what I heard, their set was fun and energetic.  The experimental nature played well in the small room.

There’s always been a running joke in the music industry when a band hasn’t made roots just yet, that they are big in (insert country).  Computer Magic is the brainchild of Danielle "Danz" Johnson. For some odd reason, the analogy is actually true, as Japan has opened their arms to her and is the location of which all three of her albums have been released.  Mindstate was released there earlier this year and the bulk of her set was from that album.  Boosting the electronic beats, Danz enlisted the help of Ignacio Rivas Bixio to add live drums to her electronic pop beats and vocals.  Their set was highlighted by textured projections that seemed to flow organically with the music.  Look for Danz’s Computer Magic US debut later on this year. 

Memory Tapes is the project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Dayve Hawk.  Much in the vein of Computer Magic, Dayve enlisted extra help on bass to round out the gloomy sounds and add texture the beats he was producing.  Adding to the mystique and down tempo set, the band opted for a minimal back lit lighting scheme.   Dayve switched back and forth between electric guitar and keyboards effortlessly helping the set flow smoothly, all the while using his voice as a third instrument. 

Three unique and different versions of electronic music were showcased at Gasa Gasa and the crowd was enthusiastic to take the ride with all three.  The intimate venue lent to an even more powerful experience.  You can see an expanded gallery here:

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