Compère Lapin featured on the Fifth Episode of Where Hollywood Eats

15:58 April 17, 2018
By: Crystal Morgan

New Orleans has been recognized on Where Hollywood Eats for two consecutive weeks, the second week highlighting a CBD favorite — Compère Lapin. Caribbean and Creole influences collide for unique, flavorful dishes at this eatery, and The Hollywood Reporter caught up with head chef and owner Nina Compton where she discussed just what it’s like to be an owner. The episode can be found HERE.

It for sure includes long shifts — anywhere from 12-16 hours — and takes dedication, patience, and innovative abilities to create variety. Compton mentioned Emma Roberts and Tom Cruise as guests who’ve dined in, and also discussed how important film is in a city like New Orleans.  She said the film hub stimulates the economy by creating employment opportunities and keeps the city revitalized in a way. 

In the midst of a dinner rush where chaos brews, Compton said zoning out to sounds of cooking helps her remember why she’s passionate about it in the first place. She also talked about creating an experience where guests want to return. 

“People go to restaurants and do they really feel like it was worth it? ...  I want them to feel that moment where you have that craveable sensation where it’s like ‘I want to come back.’”

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