Cocktail: Bourbon St. Quickies

00:00 February 26, 2011
On a street that's pure spectacle—people swinging on balconies, rocking My Little Pony pink wigs, pushing diaper-dressed monkeys in a stroller—drinking shots only enhances the experience. Pound a few and keep on moving.

One of my favorites is the Tuaca Lemon Sour at Johnny White's balcony bar. Tuaca is an Italian brandy-based liqueur touched with vanilla and citrus, based on a recipe that had been lost for centuries and revived only during World War II. Like its history, Tuaca is a complex spirit. The Tuaca Lemon Sour makes for a creamier version of the Lemon Drop; it's a shot of cool, sweet lemon pie, with a thin frothy head that mimics the meringue.

Back on street level, speed up your absinthe cocktail by turning it into a shot. The Sweet Herb at Old Absinthe House subs in simple syrup for the water-drizzled sugar cube, though you may want to add less sweetener if you're using authentic absinthe (Old Absinthe House carries the fine K�bler brand, among others).

If you're making the Sweet Herb at home, consider using the locally-made and less expensive Herbsaint. The standard version is crisp but approachable, while the re-released Herbsaint Original revives the 1933 formula with flowery smoothness. The Sweet Herb, as I had it, tasted like sweet black licorice with a soft fennel finish.

Tuaca Lemon Sour

Courtesy of Chris Saltzman and Johnny White's Pub & Grill

1.5 oz. Tuaca Vanilla Citrus Liqueur

0.5 oz. sweet and sour mix

1 packet sugar

Juice from 3 lemon wedges

Shake with ice, strain into shot glass.

Sweet Herb

Courtesy of Brooke Boudreaux and Old Absinthe House

3 oz. Herbsaint

1 oz. simple syrup

Splash of chilled water

Shake with ice, strain into shot glass.

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