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CILI is Advocating for a Highly Skilled and Inclusive NOLA Workforce

11:00 December 11, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The Corporate Internship Leadership Institute (CILI) is a brand-new not-for-profit group whose main goal is to improve the road from college-studying to full-time wage-earning. Perry Sholes, the president of Progressive HR Strategies Incorporated, spearheaded and created CILI with the intent of diversifying and aiding the next generation of to-be workers as they transition from college life to full-time employment. CILI has produced an online job board, fittingly named Internship Central, that allows students to both ensure that the internships they are entering into will provide valuable experience and to search for paid internships.

Tenth Institute is a subgroup of the CILI program that specifically focuses on the promotion of black and brown leadership in New Orleans. They aim to ensure that any and all students involved will be given not only a worthwhile education, but also opportunities to develop skill sets necessary to reach the upper echelons of leadership positions, specifically in a corporate setting. Applications for the Tenth Institute program will open online on December 28.

CILI has an overall goal of reducing the number of either unemployed-yet-skilled people or those not in a fitting career path. Underemployed and unused potential in the Greater New Orleans area as well as the whole of Louisiana is what the group ultimately wants to tap into and ameliorate. They certainly understand that New Orleans and areas with high unemployment do not actually lack the skills necessary to be successful, rather, education and opportunities themselves are in too short supply. Especially in times when unemployment is rising due to health concerns, a group that aims to promote an easier transition to the workforce, especially for Louisiana's black and brown citizens, can only help. CILI encourages any students interested in the program to visit

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