Charly Bliss Bring Bombast and Leave Gasa Gasa “Blown to Bits”

10:26 July 10, 2019

It seems like this is the year that lovelorn pop punk is really making a resurgence. Unlike the early aughts, this time around this style of music has more meat and truthfulness. A perfect example of this is the band Charly Bliss, who, along with their upcoming tour mates Pup, have been receiving tons ofpraise for their recent albums. It's both well-earned and exciting. Saturday night at Gasa Gasa the capacity crowd was witness to a band on the precipice of a prodigious year, and none left disappointed.

The band consists of Eva Hendricks on lead vocals and guitar, Spencer Fox on guitar and vocals, Sam Hendricks on drums, and Dan Shure on bass and vocals. They emerged onstage dressed in all white as the clock neared ten, poised and determined to give the big crowd a solid set of pop infused rockers. They did.

Opening with "Blown to Bits," the energy exhibited by the quintet was on full display. The band provided the provided the rhythm, as front-woman Eva belted out the opening lines while pushing the keys on her synthesizer. The band's songs aren't long; within 15 minutes they had plowed through four quickly paced energetic anthems. It's obvious that the band clearly believes in the songs they are remitting, and it helps that listeners can relate to the themes presented.

As the show went on, the band never lost drive. With every member bouncing around the tiny stage, the crowd reveled in the energy. The star of the show was Hendricks, though. Dressed in a glittery leotard and wielding her handy guitar, she leapt up-and-down regularly throughout the show. Her black laced, white combat boots hammering the stage harder each time as the music enveloped her.

Halfway through the set, the band really seemed to turn it up, showcasing the vibrant musical elements of "Capacity," before hitting the high note of the evening-the titular track of the newest record, Young Enough, which may well end up being one of the more memorable songs released this year. "Young Enough" builds around Eva's voice and the guitar section, but it's a full fledged rock anthem. Her voice was clear and powerful, and many in the crowd knew the words, so there was a special communal feeling among the attendees. The live rendition of the song surpassed all expectations.

Before the end of the hour-long set, the band launched into "Chatroom." By then, the room had erupted into a huge dance party, with the band and audience alike bouncing joyfully. But before it was over, the band emerged for an encore, playing their rendition "Mr. Brightside," by the Killers. While it's possible that those in attendance think much of the Killers, the song is remarkable and a classic. There's just not a lot of people who haven't heard that song, and the choice of song paid off, as the crowd sang along with every word.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and for a band who hadn't played here before, I'm sure they felt more than welcome. Young Enough is an amazing record, and, with that show, the band showed why they deserve all the new found recognition they've acquired.

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