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Celebrate Mardi Gras From a Distance With Henry Turner Jr.’s Movie

12:00 December 29, 2020
By: Abbey Hebert

The documentary film We're Going Down to the Mardi Gras, produced by Rebirth Film Shield Productions and Hit City Digital TV, will premiere on on January 2 at 7 a.m. central time. This film investigates Henry Turner Jr., Baton Rouge native and creator of the Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Festival, and his admiration of Mardi Gras, which he's had since his childhood.

Turner Jr. and his band Flavor are well known for their syncopated style of music, which is often referred to as Louisiana blues, soul, funk, and reggae. They have received numerous accolades, such as the Louisiana Music Ambassadorship from the Louisiana Office of Tourism, the title of Honorary Louisiana Ambassador from the Lieutenant Governor's Office, the Ambassador award from the Slim Harpo Music Awards, and more. Hit City Digital TV produces and releases Flavor's singles and CDs.

"Right after the 2020 Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Festival, the pandemic hit, and most festivals were cancelled for the year," said Turner. "Trying to plan ahead, I decided to produce a film to bring all the fun and excitement of the Mardi Gras experience to the virtual world."

Turner's goal aligned perfectly with Rebirth Film Shield Production's mission, which is to educate the world about Louisiana's rich history through film. In the time of social distancing and lonely isolation, Turner is virtually creating the feeling of community that is a huge part of the beloved tradition special to New Orleans.

Help Turner cultivate the feeling of solidarity and community by donating to the film; click here to do so. Even a small donation will help the crew re-envision Mardi Gras through a socially distanced lens. We're Going Down to the Mardi Gras, which will be narrated by Turner, will be filled with the sights we're going to miss seeing at the parades this coming year, such as the Mardi Gras Indians, the bright colors, and the classic and special music.

"We had footage from all the previous years, so I hope audiences enjoy this," said Turner.
"And the Flavor band looks forward to being back on stage live in 2022 for the 9th annual event."

For more information on the film or to donate, click HERE.

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