Cash Cash and Tritonal at the Republic

22:00 September 21, 2015
By: Jason Wood

Cash Cash and Tritonal certainly started off on the right foot in New Orleans on the first night of their 45-city tour. Closer on the spectrum of a live Diplo performance, crowd interaction was the key energy driving the entire show Thursday night at Republic. Both Cash Cash & Tritonal succeeded in sustaining the energy with everyone singing nearly ever song. Post-crescendo drops triggered bright strobes and waves of bodies bouncing in unison.

While drinking Jack straight from the bottle, Cash Cash mashed in and out of big hitters and turned tracks like “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” and DMX’s “Up In Here” into floor shaking bangers. The old school EDM classic “Zombie Nation” was even in the mix!

Crowd interaction throughout the show included Cash Cash waving flags into the sea of outstretched hands, jumping up on the DJ table, leading crowd-repeated chants, and even showering the stage with dollar bills. During “Dancing With The Devil” they threw devil masks into the masses and blasted the air with CO2 cannons.

They finished up with their massive radio hit “Take Me Home”. The crowd belted it out, guys and girls alike.

It wasn’t but five minutes later that Tritonal jumped on stage and took over. Girls with wolf masks danced upon the screen, while the tribal sounds of “Gamma Gamma” kicked off their set.

Though there was enough room to dance, the “Tritonians” were bumping so hard you could feel your drink shaking in your hand. When they demanded the crowd jump, fans eagerly obliged, following each direction coming from the two behind the mixers.

In return, the duo unexpectedly dropped their new collaboration with The Chainsmokers, “Until You Were Gone”, a day before the official release.

Girls got on shoulders and arms swayed back and forth as they bellowed throughout the night to fan favorites. Many songs included a lyric video to assist in the sing along.

In the end, Cash Cash came back on stage to help close out the party with a few tracks, and eventually cranked up “Untouchable” with their fellow producers on the title track of the tour.

Though I personally enjoy seeing a little more live production and mixing, I can certainly appreciate the connection the two groups made with the fans that came to see them. The dance party energy was palpable and infectious and the crowd never let up. With such similar styles of performing, it’s easy to see why Cash Cash and Tritonal teamed up. These two EDM power groups are doing something very right.

Photos by Steve Hatley; see his complete gallery of photos here.

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