Carnival 2020 Spared From New Chinese Tariff
Aug 22 2019

Carnival 2020 Spared From New Chinese Tariff

By: Michelle Nicholson

There's been increasing concern around town about the new 10 percent tax increase on over 6,000 types of Chinese imports and the toll it will take on Carnival in New Orleans. Thankfully, Trump has announced that the new tariff won't go into effect until December 1, which means a big break on holiday shoppers and the 2020 Mardi Gras season.

But krewe members who order their throws to be shipping after mid-December will pay new tax-inflated prices. A local business owner told that while they could absorb part of the tariff, approximately 7-8 percent of the increase will have to be passed to the consumer.

The United States also stated that some items on the original list are being removed altogether. Nevertheless, everyone can still expect to see higher price tags on popular cellphones and computers arriving from China next year-and perhaps other impacts on our port-city's economy.

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