Candlebox Kills It in Front of a Capacity Crowd at the House of Blues

13:24 September 20, 2019
By: Donald Rickert

Candlebox, led by founding member and singer Kevin Martin, appeared at the House of Blues on September 19, 2019 to a packed house. The band played with a palpable energy that fed the exuberant crowd. It helped that Candlebox played all of the prerequisite hits: "Cover Me," "You," and, of course, "Far Behind."

As a frontman and singer, Martin is engaging, down-to-earth, and charismatic. At one point, after discovering that an attendee, Jasmine, just turned 21, Martin ordered two buttery nipples from the stage. After those arrived, he gave her one and had the other for himself-helping her celebrate her birthday. At another point, Martin reminisced about a previous show they had in New Orleans, which was with Living Colour and at Tulane. Apparently, Martin had met a fan named Farrah that he remembers to this day-and quite fondly as he confessed his love for her-twenty-something years later.

The musicians that complete the line-up are no slouches, either, especially guitarists Island Styles and Brian Quinn, who make up a formitable duo. Drummer Dave Krusen has a history with Candlebox that goes back before their debut album. Krusen was also the drummer for Pearl Jam when they recorded Ten. Adam Kury (not to be confused with the former MTV VJ) rounds out the band on bass and is a solid player. Combined, the group packs quite musical punch and made for a memorabe evening at the House of Blues.

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