Café du Monde to Operate Food Truck in City Park

11:20 January 14, 2019
By: Michelle Nicholson

The long-followed legal battle over the Casino Building at City Park is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to buy our favorite deep-fried doughy treats when we visit NOMA or City Putt. 

While Café du Monde spends 90 days transforming Morning Call’s former home into a café of their own, New Orleans’s oldest purveyor of powdered sugar-peaked beignets with steaming cups of coffee and chicory will make sure service goes uninterrupted by parking their food truck nearby.

The historic Casino Building at City Park is located conveniently between the playground and Peristyle on Bayou Metairie and the Botanical Gardens adjoined to Storyland. It has housed many venues, but visitors have made it clear: All we really want and need to make our trips to the park complete are beignets and café au lait.

Morning Call has filled that need since 2012, but was outbid by both Café Beignet and Café du Monde when the contract for their lease was opened for bidding in early 2018. Morning Call’s last day open for business at the City Park location is Sunday, January 20. In fact, this is their last day in business for the foreseeable future: They closed their Metairie location in April of 2018 after 40 years of service. They are, however, currently considering new locations to resettle their iconic café. 

Morning Call will move out of City Park by the end of the month, making way for Café du Monde’s 10th spot in the New Orleans area—only the newest addition to a 157-year-strong New Orleans tradition.

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