New Orleans Book Review

06:05 December 22, 2014
By: Leith Tigges

Buster Voodoo
By Mason James Cole
190 Pages
Permuted Press (March, 2014)

New Orleans Book Review

There is immediate intrigue in Mason James Cole’s Buster Voodoo. The story weaves between the past and the present, a method that hasproven to be favorable among readers, as this recently released book has already gained a popular following. The back and forth between time periods keeps the story interesting and constantly keeps readers on their toes. 

The book’s title stems from a horrific legend of a crazed killer with no face, and that’s just the beginning of the creepy and disturbing notes. The protagonist, Dixon Green, attempts to cause a ripple of excitement in his otherwise boring life as an amusement park custodian. Green soon begins to delve into the mystery of Buster Voodoo, a legend that has captivated him since his youth. 

It’s hard to decide on the real issues that Dixon faces, whether it be fear based on New Orleans’ Voodoo spirituality or the community’s lack of equality regarding race. It’s refreshing that some realistic underlying tones are weaved into this horror novel. 

With the Voodoo aspects of the Big Easy put on display for tourists and recently through the media on television series such as American Horror Story, the dark notes in Buster Voodoo are enticing as Dixon’s demons are brought to light. The mysteries of his world leave him—and, in turn, the readers—a little lost, but that only makes the book’s ending that much more intriguing. The intensity of the story’s buildup leads to a number of different climaxes, all of which are woven into the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Dixon’s job in the amusement park reflects his personal life as well. He is overcome by a terrifying rollercoaster ride of emotions, fear and memories that will keep readers begging for more by the story’s end. 


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