Buffalo Wild Wings Makes a Bad Call

09:06 September 19, 2019
By: Caroline Glattly
Buffalo Wild Wings rang in the most wonderful time of the year - Saints season - with a controversial tweet this past Sunday that left many Saints fans feeling spicy toward the popular hot wing franchise. "New Orleans fans already drawing up lawsuits,'' the company wrote, pokingfun toward a fan's 2018 lawsuit against the NFL due to the infamous missed call during the NFCChampionship that cost the Saints the game and a trip to the Superbowl.

Fans were understandably upset with the statement and took to Twitter to let the company know how they felt. One person wrote, "Your NOLA location is about to be a ghost town" and another added, "Great marketing strategy for a business that has a near New Orleans location. Genius". The company has locations in New Orleans, Metairie, Houma, Slidell and Covington.

Buffalo Wild Wings has since issued an apology to fans, claiming that the tweet was a sympathetic joke meant to make light of the unfortunate recurrence of bad calls.

"We are locally owned. We're part of the Who Dat nation. We love the Saints", says franchise owner, Amit Patel. Patel's BWW location has since suffered from declining dinner sales, which he attributes to the tweet. However, he is grateful that the company issued an apology in hopes that it will rectify the company's bad call and satisfy the disappointed fans."Saints fans are very, very passionate," Patel concludes.

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