Bring Your Mother to Danzig

00:00 October 27, 2015
By: Emily Hingle

Packed, hot, reunion: those are words I would use to describe this show in a short manner. Being a long-time musician, Danzig brought out the young and old alike; the die-hard rockers listening to Danzig for many decades stood alongside those seeing him for the very first time (me, for one). It was a reunion for so many, meeting their friends after many years and listening to their favorite rocker croon out his brand of bluesy metal one more time.

Superjoint (formerly Superjoint Ritual) is touring again after a long hiatus, and they were very thrilled to be opening for the legendary Danzig according to prolific frontman and local music maker Philip Anselmo. Though the band has incurred many a lineup change, that fast, unrelenting thrash sound stayed intact. Phil knows how to take over a crowd, and he had them in the palm of this hand throughout each song as well as each long between-song speech. People love to listen to the man talk.

Glenn Danzig walked out to great applause and adulation. Though he did take a quick tumble when he got to center stage, he recovered like a champ. He delved quickly and forefully into his repertoire that included crowd favorites like “SkinCarver,” “Long Way Back from Hell,” and of course “Mother.” I was blown away by his powerful voice, though it did sound like he was ailing from a sore throat, he powered through it to belt out his hits spanning his career as well as some unexpected cover songs, even an Elvis song (Let Yourself Go) which put a smile on my fangirl face. At the end of the set came the obligatory fake encore for the song, my personal Danzig fave, “She Rides,” a brooding, bluesy, sexy, slow song. What was unexpected were the many songs that followed; that man did not want the show to end!

Glenn Danzig recently announced that he would make no more plans for large tours and will play one-off shows on occasion, so I’m very glad that I got to see him this time around. They may not be one for NOLA again. 

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