Brian Adee launches new drinks list at St. Lawrence

00:00 February 08, 2014
By: 2Fik
The Fernet Julep [Courtesy of Anne Berry]

Last night, barman Brian Adee debuted his St. Lawrence drinks list, a menu reflecting the bar's renewed focus on craft beers.

There's the Conquistador, a tequila-honey pairing that gets structure from an American IPA, and the Child's Play, showcasing Scotch that Brian steeped with whole hops flowers and sweetened with chamomile syrup - it tastes of smoked orange and florals; a welcoming whisky drink for a beginner.

Rounding out the foamy cocktails is Brian's Guinness-based Sunburn, lit with Appleton 12-year rum he infused with coffee and banana.

Before you try this chocolate-rich concoction (with only a passing sweetness), first take in the aroma.

That blooming tropical fruit is "enhanced by the nitrous from the Guinness," says Brian, a chemist of sorts.

(He's exploring flavor science in a book he says he's writing "for other bartenders, on theory and technique." Look for it this summer.)

Brian also shows a deft touch in the clean Dona Juana, a vodka-vanilla cream soda touched with wine, and in the Thunderdome, a round and juicy joining of rye, pinot noir and rooibos tea.

Teas play an important supporting role in Brian's list: spiced and reduced, they make fast, flavorful syrups. A silky mixer of green tea, clove, cardamom and black pepper makes that point, punctuating minty-bitter liqueur in the gorgeous Fernet Julep.

It's dry and bright, and more compelling with every sip. "I made this one challenging," he says, "so anyone who orders it will appreciate it."

St. Lawrence, 219 N. Peters Street, 525.4111. Bar manager Angie Jakusz says that next week's daiquiri flavor will be chai, with a Rumchata float.

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