Brent Johnson

00:00 May 25, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré

 Brent Johnson

Set the World on Fire

Justin Time Records

In a world of blues, Brent Johnson stands his ground amongst blues musicians and funk — rock legends alike. That Southern styled Mississippi delta — NOLA blues contrasted with a little country western funk is what sets off his latest album, Set the World on Fire. Johnson’s way of blasting out down South gritty blues tracks like “As the Years Go Passing By” plays proof in how he has become the success he is today. Tracks like this one, Johnson can exemplify his immense guitar skills that are rooted from his childhood years as a musical prodigy. Set the World on Fire is definitely a blues album, but Johnson fails not to forget his South Texas roots with a few western flared tracks like “The Ticket” and “The Hucklebuck.” As a teen, Johnson’s family relocated to New Orleans, a place where he could really venture full force into his music. Beginning his musical career as early as the age of four, Johnson was already somewhat of a young veteran, writing his own music and already sure of his talent and destiny. He participated in several bands throughout his youth, all of which leaned towards the blues. Johnson also worked heavily with and under the influences of Bryan Lee who took him under his wing leading him to perform at several jazz and blues festivals nationally. Set the World on Fireconnects the musical talents of several refined musicians including Bill Blok (bass, background vocals), John Perkins (drums), Wayne Lohr (keyboard), Alvin Youngblood Hart (guitar) and Sonny Landreth (guitar). The soulful album is just another superior notch on Brent Johnson’s musical belt. It’s another grand blues album with a burst of western, predestined to be a classic. 

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