Brass-a-Holics- I Am A Brass-a-Holic

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle


I Am A Brass-a-Holic

Independent Immediately, this album exudes high energy with a funky horn section and organ. The bass and guitar are really fantastic and add the fl oor of funkiness. The saxophone by Robin Clabby leads the song, but everyone gets a turn to shine, even the very classic-sounding organ by Keiko Komaki. The Brass-a-Holics create a very decadent and dense sound without sacrifi cing an upbeat and playful energy. The 1970s cymbals by Ricky Caesar add a silver lining. Tannon Williams’s trumpet is great when he plays his solo notes at a rapid-fi re pace. The solo of bongo drums adds some Caribbean spice. “Runnin’” is a departure from the opening song “Alien Love Factory,” as it begins with a serious-sounding distorted guitar riff. A voice sings that you ARE listening to the Brass-a-Holics, and they plan on doing everything different from other bands so that they can command your attention. This song certainly accomplishes that; the music has so many layers that it’s intoxicating. Even the guitarist plays a fantastic, expert solo while one of the musicians raps and the horns play a dramatic harmony. “Get It In” is funky still, but more sensual-sounding, with more singing by multiple musicians. “Theme from Lupin III” is an instrumental straight out of the 1970s, literally: a funky, bubbly guitar opens the song, and the tight-sounding horn section takes over from there. Keyboards add the grandiose and polished surface. They do a fantastic job of recreating the song. “Hey Baby” includes a guest female singer who smoothly and soulfully sings about her lover. The Brass-a-Holics named this album with a purpose; you will be a Brass-a-Holic after hearing this album.

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