Brando- Workaholic

00:00 January 29, 2014



Allwork/Noplay Records Co-founder of Allwork/Noplay Productions, Brando Bettencourt recently released his second studio album, Workaholic. The local rap artist has been collaborating with up and coming hip-hop industry names like G-Eazy, Nix, Trot, and Suave since 2011 when he dropped his fi rst joint effort with Bonka, High Times. This time around, Brando goes solo with guest appearances from his crew (including names like Lyrikill and Impulss) and an unstoppable, ambitious vibe. Addressing a constant hustle, “All Saints Day,” combines a dark heavy beat with an urgency to survive. “Authentic,” the record’s slower, soul-infused jazz anthem praises Motown R&B legends like Bobby Womack and urges listeners, “Meet me at the top.” Themes of dedication and perseverance are woven nicely through the record via fl uid lyrics and a sheer ear for accessible roots based rap music. “Finish What You Start” is another instance where a jazzy instrumental and vintage outro work to highlight Brando’s mantra and sheer musical talent. The whole album is impressive to say the least, however, the fi nal track is the album’s best. With backing from Lyrkill, Impulss, Elespee, and Suave, the hook of “No Sucker Sh*t” says it all: “Rising to the top of my game and I ain’t never had to sell my soul/Only write what I’ve been through and let the vibe just take control/Can we get the hip-hop soul music straight from the heart/And it’s that real deal hip hop that sets us apart.” And set apart he is.

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