Boyfriend's Birthday Bash

00:00 August 28, 2013
By: Kimmie Tubré

Following the rap production group properly titled Sex Party, Boyfriend hits the stage without reservations. Everyone was ready and willing to see the notorious girl who says she's your Boyfriend at Siberia. It's her birthday so she's appropriately dressed in balloons, popping them one by one as she spits lyrics into a microphone, allowing the crowd to join in and help.

Underneath, she wears a fabulous pink shredded spandex outfit with a pink wig and her notorious Librarian like glasses; she rocks the crowd with her witty lyrics and demands for attention. She has everyone focused on her and if they aren't, she isn't afraid to call them out. Before you know it, everyone is standing, dancing and rapping along as she gives a rap show like none other.

Strip tease- burlesque, comical irony and a lap dance as she sings hit song, "White Chicks and Black dudes," while everyone flocks to the stage to get a better glimpse of this girl, the rapper that calls herself Boyfriend and speaks all of the words that you want to say, but can't.

Her performance is enticing, eclectic and attention grabbing to say the least; it's simply hard to take your eyes off of her.

She then begins rapping and cutting her pants off simultaneously; by this time, the whole crowds rocking to her lyrics as she yells, "," and everyone repeats it, chanting.

Boyfriend, mostly known for her fantastically outlandish music videos, seems to be completely in her element on the stage. I was excited to see her perform and let's just say every second was worth it.

I found the show to be spontaneous and erratic, a one person variety act.

No stranger to the Siberia stage, Boyfriend is one to see in action, there's no video or CD recording that compares to her stage presence.

After she reels you in with her witty lyrics and spits you out with wonderment, you'll surely be calling her your boyfriend by the end of the show.

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