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New Orleans’ Artist Boyfriend Announces Debut Album

15:00 June 16, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

An Ode to Girl Power: New Orleans' Artist Boyfriend Announces Debut Album Sugar & Spice

From the gender wage gap to the pink tax and all the way down to plain and simple unequal treatment, the modern woman has a slew of grievances with "ordinary" societal standards of today. With this kind of nonsense bogging up the lives of your average 21st century women, a loud and proud female voice to shake up gender roles and fight the patriarchy has never been more of a necessity. Thankfully, New Orleans' musician, Boyfriend might just hold that empowering feminine quality we're in search of, and the female musician has announced her debut album, Sugar & Spice, to come out this September 9. Look out, ladies. This could possibly be our long-awaited ode to girl power.

Boyfriend's Sugar & Spice and the Title Track as a Realistic Feminist Voice

With an ever-growing musical repertoire featuring an array of singles and EPs with deep-hitting bassy beats and lyrics tailored to your inner feminist, Boyfriend's upcoming album, Sugar & Spice, is promised to give the girls the power we deserve. Luckily enough, we don't have to wait to at least get a taste of what Boyfriend is serving up. The album's title track, featuring T-pop icon, Pyra, is out now, and you can listen to it on all major streaming platforms. Opening with an echoing drum beat and layering with notes of hip-hop and rap, "The title track pokes fun at the still-prevailing mythology of the feminine mystique using nursery-rhyme cadence" says Boyfriend.

With the release of Sugar & Spice, the female singer hopes to hit home against the blatant exploitation of the feminist voice for consumeristic purposes. She explains, "With girl power commercial campaigns and media trends, 'feminism' can be flattened into a marketing scheme… seeing an empowered woman in a tampon commercial or an all-female Ghostbusters cast does not an equal world make. Representation of course matters, but all of these representations are ultimately on behalf of consumerism and can mask the reality of women's rights day to day." The upcoming album calls out these media tactics that pacify the feminist voice by providing a more realistic representation of women's equality and rights in their everyday lives, as can already be heard in the title track, "Sugar & Spice."

The rest of the album is sure to follow this theme of a down-to-earth feminist commentary this coming September. Upcoming tracks will feature dynamic collaborations with some of Boyfriend's favorite femme powerhouses of the music industry, including New Orleans' bounce movement icon, Big Freedia, garage rock-esque Death Valley Girls, and TikTok famous Bailey Flores, among many others. With some big-name production on board and the next track, "Dance with the Devil (Feat. Pussy Riot)" scheduled for release later this month, the voice of girl power is ready to get a whole lot louder.

Boyfriend: A One-of-a-Kind Musician and Performer

Debuting her stage name Boyfriend back in 2012, the New Orleans-based artist has been doling out radical rhymes for almost a decade now and accruing much-deserved praise from around the world. Boyfriend's music provides a provocative lyrical commentary that gives the power back to the women, touching on societal themes such as the patriarchy, gender roles, sexism, and body positivity. Her powerful feminine prowess doesn't just stop with radical lyrics and what Rolling Stone has coined as "high concept booty bass." Boyfriend offers a one-of-a-kind live performance experience, flaunting iconic vibrantly colored hair curlers, vintage lingerie, and trademark glasses each time she takes the stage. To learn more about Boyfriend and her music, be sure to check out her website and tune in to Sugar & Spice this September 9. The voice of girl power is sure to get louder, prouder, and a whole lot sweeter.

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