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Box Of Care Gift Company Showcases Local Businesses in NOLA

15:00 April 26, 2021
By: Kellie Arevalo

Box Of Care is a unique gift box company that allows customers to pack goods from New Orleans to create a curated gift box for friends or family. What makes Box Of Care unique is that the gift boxes are designed to feature the art, themes, and culture of New Orleans, both inside and outside of the box. The company partners with local vendors and big named brands to include the most authentic and thoughtful New Orleans products. The company is also planning to feature local artists to decorate the physical appearance of the box to make them even more unique.

The company was founded in May of 2017 by Jonathan Floyd, who was born in Louisiana, and his wife, a Chicago native. Jonathan's wife saw a care package company in Chicago and wondered if there was anything similar in New Orleans, but after doing some research, they could not find anything comparable. Box Of Care was born few months later as a result. Jonathan always had a dream of starting his own business and leaving an impact on his community. Box Of Care has been doing just that by spreading the love and culture of the city to locals and people across the country who cannot visit due to the pandemic.

Box Of Care makes it easy for anyone to celebrate New Orleans's festivities. The boxes are hand packaged, wrapped, and delivered efficiently to make sure they arrive in pristine condition. It is a perfect gift for birthdays and holidays, or if you just want to show someone you've been thinking of them. Box Of Care has prepackaged care packages, but also allows customers to customize their own box. There are over 100 different items to put in the boxes, and they offer affordable options so there is something for everyone.

In addition to gift boxes, Box Of Care has worked with tourism stakeholders, such as New Orleans and Company, Pelican New Orleans, and All State Sugar Bowl, to create custom gifts for their clients. While it is great to send gifts to friends and family across the country, Box Of Care works to unite both vendors and customers within the New Orleans community. The company has already shipped gifts to all 50 states and over 10 different countries around the world.

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