BORGEOUS rocks out at The Republic NOLA

11:17 June 29, 2016
By: Steve Hatley

BORGEOUS, the L.A.-based platinum recording artist is the stage name of John Borger. Borger stylizes borgeous to BORGEOUS. While he never stated why he stylized it as such, I’d venture to bet it was to exemplify his ego and appear more ominous in the DJ/EDM scene. He’s only been truly active since 2012, but has managed to amass a huge and distinct following and has accomplished three Billboard Dance Radio Top 10’s, three Beatport #1’s, and a #1 on the iTunes Dancechart in 15 different countries. 

Friday’s near SOLD OUT show didn’t really get started till BORGEOUS hit the stage around 1:30 a.m. New Orleans was the first stop on his worldwide 13 tour.  The album will be released on August 13. As expected, he played several tracks off the album and managed to weave several soundbites from songs that were well over the age of his audience. The CO2 cannons were very easy to predict, due to the nature of the music. The set itself wasn’t anything greater than your average EDM DJs set. A few moving lights flanked a massive video wall that was there to promote the BORGEOUS brand more than anything. The additional animations seamlessly tied the two ideas together. Much like Gallagher and his watermelons, BORGEOUS took several opportunities to keep the audience hydrated by tossing them water bottles, and to top it off, a champagne shower happened on more than one occasion. 

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