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Blue Bikes Extends #RidingTowardImmunity Promotion

15:00 January 11, 2022
By: Jariah Johnson

Blue Bikes directly supports the mission of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to improve the health of Louisianans and its investment in New Orleanians' wellness and healthy lives. In the progression of encouraging healthy lifestyles, Blue Bikes extended its #RidingTowardImmunity promotion, starting on Twelfth Night!

New Orleanians can use the promo code: BoostUpNola for two free 30-minute rides to and from their COVID-19 vaccine and booster appointments! To have two weeks for immunity before Mardi Gras Day (3/1), the promotion lasts until Tuesday, February 15.

Blue Bikes is an inexpensive bike share program sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana with a partnership between the City of New Orleans and Drop. Blue Bikes is distinctively designed for New Orleanians to have the opportunity for more public transits. Bringing bike share to New Orleans expands transportation for residents and visitors who need it at a low cost. Growing public transit in New Orleans is essential for building up the city.

According to a press release from Blue Bikes, here's how you can use your free ride to a COVID-19 vaccine or booster appointment:

1. Download the Blue Bikes NOLA app, available in the App Store and Google Play.

2. To redeem your promo code and start your free ride, open your Blue Bikes NOLA app and tap on your name in the upper-left corner. This will pull up a sidebar of account options. Tap on "promo codes," which will take you to the code redemption screen.

3. Enter the promo code BoostUpNola in the field provided and tap "submit." This will give you two free, 30-minute rides that you can use to travel to and from your COVID-19 vaccine or booster appointment.

Together, we will use these factors to help benefit a safer community. So show Blue Bikes how you help the community by using the code and posting pictures of your ride to vaccine appointments on your social media, tagging Blue Bikes (@BlueBikesNOLA) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (@BCBSLA) using the hashtag #RidingTowardImmunity.

Visit Blue Bikes for more information.

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