Blue Bikes Are Electric In New Orleans Next Year

15:04 December 17, 2019

Blue bikes have become a familiar feature in New Orleans, where folks love the freedom, affordability, and sustainability of the bike sharing program. However, pedaling around town is not always the best option for folks more accustomed to pushing accelerator pedals or for those in more of a rush than cruisers allow.

The good news is that the city's Blue Bikes are set for an upgrade this January, with 700-900 new electric bikes replacing the old. The e-bikes reach speeds of up to 20 mph, which means greater convenience and distance with less labor. If you love the extra exercise, though, don't worry: With three gears, riders can still choose the lowest to get maximum health benefits-or choose the middle setting to increase speed and distance while still getting a workout.

This added flexibility and its benefits come at a price, of course, which means the new bikes will cost 25 cents per minute and $30 a month, as opposed to 10 cents a minute and $20 a month. University students will no longer receive a discounted price, but low-income riders will still be charged only $20 a year. The city will also benefit from the increase in revenue by continuing to receive 2 percent of the bike share profits in access of $2,500.

The upgrade is made possible by Blue Bike's partnership with JUMP, which means riders can access an electric bike conveniently through their Uber app.

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