Blessings Raining Down (From Crop Dusters!) On Cow Island
Dec 24 2019

Blessings Raining Down (From Crop Dusters!) On Cow Island, Louisiana

By: Michelle Nicholson

At the request of Father Matthew Barzare and the people of St. Anne's Church, 100 gallons of holy water was delivered by plane on Sunday, spreading blessings to the town and surrounding farms. Father Barzare and parishioners of the church joined the pilots on the landing strip, where Barzare also blessed water the church members brought from home.

The idea was born by native Cow Islander L'Eryn Detraz, who is on mission in Ohio at this time. The idea is spreading, though. After more than 500 shares on Facebook, folks on social media are asking the pilots to bring the blessing to their towns, too.

Cow Island is located in Vermillion Parish, located just shy of 3 hours west of New Orleans, by car.

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