Bipolaroid- Twin Language

00:00 January 26, 2014

 Bipolaroid’s latest album is unusual in that the songs are shorter than the band has done before; they felt the need to cut their music down to the bone, and there are a whopping sixteen songs that illustrate that. Bipolaroid’s sound is that of the saccharine sixties just as the flower children were taking over, but before folk bands took the electricity out of rock n’ roll; depending on your generation, you could also say that they sound like a very cleaned up Jesus and Mary Chain. The entire band poses on the back cover of the album awash in colorful lights, but not quite looking like a cute boy band of the era they sound like. Regardless, their sweet sounds flow like a rainbow unfurling. The psychedelic sounding “Efflorescent Adolescent” cascades into “Paperless Sun.” “The Brass Tacks” has more of the surfer sound with faraway vocals and more distorted guitar riffs by singer/guitarist Ben Glover and guitarist Andy Dimirsky. The later 1960s rock sound is present in the next song “Hollow Fox Archery” that also includes really fantastic and psychedelic keyboard riffs by David Stocker. Adding to the fun environment that this music creates, is the fact that Twin Languagewas recorded at More Fun Comics on Oak Street (bassist DC Harbold’s place of work) and the mad scientist musical group Consortium of Genius’ Secret Lab located in an undisclosed New Orleans location. Bipolaroid is a blast from the past with no pretention and just a little sarcasm.

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