Bike Easy Receives Better Bike Share Partnership Grant to Promote Reduced Fare Plan for Blue Bikes

21:48 June 13, 2018
By: Brianna McManus

A $55,000 grant from the Better Bike Share Partnership will go to funding the “Blue Bikes for All” campaign—a campaign focused on introducing hospitality-industry workers to the bike-sharing program, and also on introducing a new Reduced Fare plan ($20 a year). The plan will be based on income, so anyone who meets SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or Louisiana Purchase income requirements qualifies for the rate. Those living in the Seventh Ward and Central City neighborhoods along with Bike Easy, the nonprofit biking and walking advocacy organization, plan to focus on encouraging healthy living and an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

With the Reduced Fare program, residents can have a whole hour of biking time per day, which is perfect for hospitality workers going to jobs that are no less than 30 minutes away. Bike Easy has also made it more worker-friendly with the removal of out-of-hub locking fees, allowing Blue Bikes to be parked away from their stations and closer to your jobs in case you might be running late. On off days, that whole hour could be used to get in some quick biking exercise around the neighborhood, to visit neighbors down the block, or to bike to your local corner store. 

For company events, the campaign’s community rides will also be popping up for hospitality businesses and unions, offering lessons on road rules when biking, and a good excuse for a night out with coworkers riding through the CBD on music-filled, light-up bikes. 

To sign up for a Reduced Fare, Monthly, or Pay-As-You-Go Blue Bikes membership, visit

For more information on organizing a community ride for your business, neighborhood, or non-profit organization, email Robert Henig Bell at [email protected].

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