Apr 28 2014

Big Sam's Funky Nation

By: Kimmie Tubre



 With four full-length albums under their belt, Big Sam’s Funky Nation continues to amaze us with their superb music and flare. Their fifth album properly titled Evolution has already proven to bring the next level of funk. Its expressive –new wave sound is a refreshing Gumbo of Nola brass, Jimi Hendrix — like psychedelics and that  good old funk that can only be played by Big Sam and the Nation. 

The revolutionary album is a perfectly tuned platform for lead Sam “Big Sam” Williams whose renowned inventive way with a trombone has placed him on the vanguard as one of the best trombonist in the Big Easy. The band's jazz and brass roots only exemplify their urban funk style in Evolution. 

Together the funk’d out band created Evolution, a new twist to the funk they normally produce. With distinguishable tracks like “Freak” and “Mountain Top,” this albums dynamic is inimitable and versatile. It’s a standalone exhilarating piece of work that will have you on your feet within the first 30 seconds. 

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