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Big Freedia to Recruit New Dancer for Her Shake Team With Online Poll

09:38 January 25, 2017
By: Amélie Hubert-Rouleau

The Queen of Bounce is back! Fuse TV announced on January 23 that Big Freedia is currently searching for a new recruit to join her dance team. She held open auditions earlier this month, during which she chose five finalists. Through an online poll, you will be able to vote for your favorite candidate, who will not only be part of Big Freedia’s crew but also appear on the sixth season of Big Freedia Bounces Back next summer!

Voting has already begun and will continue until February 3. Visit Fuse TV’s website (http://www.fuse.tv/vote/big-freedia-new-dancer-poll/) to know all the details and learn more about each one of the finalists. The winner will be identified sometime in February.

The finalists are as follows: 

Tia Bernard 
Age: 24 
New Orleans, LA
Why Big Freedia is the Queen Diva: “Freedia is the Queen Diva because she’s unapologetic.”

Dinah Bush
Age: 22
Kansas City, MO
Why you should vote for her: “[Freedia’s] the Queen Diva. I’m the dancing diva. Two divas make a divalicious.”

Gailynn Edgerson
Age: 22
New Orleans, LA
Why you should vote for her: “I love my city and I want to represent my city. Bounce is us, it’s New Orleans, it’s our culture and I want to spread that around the world.”
Satchel Joseph
Age: 19
New Orleans, LA
Why Big Freedia is the Queen Diva: “Nobody does it better.”
Carlkimeco Lewis
Age: 21
New Orleans, LA
Why you should vote for him: “Bounce is my whole life.”

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