Jan 29 2014

Big Al and the Heavyweights - Sunshine on Me

By: Lauren Adam

 Big Al and the Heavyweights
Sunshine on Me
Blusiana Music

A NOLA native, Big Al remembers going to Mardi Gras, after Mardi Gras, after Mardi Gras. By harnessing the energy and jubilance swirling around the city’s many intricate celebrations, Al and his band aim to make music that “helps people forget the news de jour.”  Now on their seventh album, Big Al and the Heavyweights are known around town as the Kings of Carnival, gumbo parties, and a damn good time. The latest out of the recording studio hits the nail on the head of the Southern funked-out blues scene hard. The record kicks off with “Don’t you Want Me,” a Zydeco flavored, toe-tapping beat and moves nicely into the similarly styled “What’s up With That.” The title track, “Sunshine on Me” is front and center at position three. With the vibrancy and heat of a passionate proclamation, the song sheds light on an impressive guitar riff, a showcase that weaves nicely throughout the blues infused album. However, while “Sunshine on Me,” takes on a rejoicing tone, the next track, “Money Matters” takes things down a notch for a real Chicago styled performance. The entrancing lull doesn’t last long as listeners are swept back into the rhythmic fray of a catchy melody in “Won’t you Dance with Me?” An encouraging request, each song will have you ready to grab a partner before you can say “Midnight Train to Memphis.” Everything wraps up with “Zydeco Boogie” a song about partying all night which seems appropriate. Clearly staying true to their jolly love of life in the South, Big Al and the Heavyweights have once again captured a spirit that won’t soon be forgotten. 

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