Beverly Skillz and Musa

00:00 October 14, 2013
By: Kimmie Tubré

There is nothing more common to New Orleans than eating, drinking, dancing and simply enjoying life. After a night of party-rocking fun, it's pretty much tradition to make a 4 am pit stop at a place like St. Charles Tavern or Trolley Stopcatering to those who prowl during the vampire hours of the night. Most all of the locals have done it; whether it's a slice of pizza, a po-boy or pancakes and waffles, late night food and NOLA go hand-in-hand.

Obviously, it's easy to grab food after hours in a city that never sleeps, but how can a person know where to get the best food.

It's not by coincidence that some of the best late night food critics just so happen to be local Disc-Jockeys. Typically being the first person in a club and the last person out, it would be insane to assume that they haven't worked up an appetite or craving for some of the best local late dinning.

DJ Musa is very familiar with working the graveyard shift. The female EDM DJ who divides her time between New Orleans and New York isn't shy about recognizing New Orleans as a great place to get late night dishes. "My favorite places to eat late night are Verti Marte, Mimi's in the Marigny and Bouligny Tavern," she explains.

As the creator of The Saint's "Obsession" Saturday nights, Musa may perform a show there until as early as 6 in the morning, but insists that she'd eat at all three places anytime of the day. "I eat at Verdi Marte quite often. I'll place an order at 12 am when I forget to eat dinner or 6:30 am when I'm done DJ'ing Obsession. It just depends on the night." When asked her favorite dish, she chooses, "I always order a French Fry Po'boy with extra mayo and cheddar cheese, dressed with pickles and a side of Mac-n-Cheese."

The EDM rock star launched her DJ career in 2008 and has rocketed since, performing at festivals from Philadelphia to Europe along with touring with Spank Rock and Boys Noize.

"As for Mimi's, I like to take my friends to eat there around 1 am during the week and 3 am on the weekends," said Musa, referring to nights when she isn't working as a DJ. "I suggest the Mushroom Manchego Toast and Goat Cheese Croquetas. I always have to order two of the Manchego Toast; I can't eat enough of them."

DJ superstar Beverly Skillz was also quizzed on her late night encounters with food, but after years of DJing in the city where drinking alcohol and eating come as naturally as breathing and bathing, she has been avidly going against the grain when it comes to after hour indulgence. "I've been trying not to eat late at night, but sometimes I'll go to your typical Waffle House, IHOP, or Terry Town Café, but I'm afraid it's nothing too exciting," says Skillz.

Skillz is the creator and lead DJ of Ampersand's infamous NEONGlow Paint Party. She remembers a time when she did eat late nights often, but tries her best not to partake in such actions. "There's a Brother's Chickendown the street where the Amps crew often eats." Guess there's nothing like a piece of late night chicken after a hard night of DJing and manning a busy party club like Ampersand.

Both Skillz and Musa are well known, well accomplished female DJs who have a decent pallet for late night dining.

Musa had the most to say when it came to her other late night choice stating, "Bouligny Tavern is ideal for the late night foodie. It's my top choice for a late night meal and nightcap if I'm nearby." She continued with some of her favorite dishes, "I enjoy their wonderfully prepared takes on standard late night snacks. I love to get the Kobe Pigs in a Blanket, the Gouda Beignets, Duck Fat French Fries & Aioli, and the Burrata- Pesto." There's no doubt that this is one of her favorite places to eat.

For both girls, the best late night foodie choices are simple if you stick to the following outline: it must be tasty and it must have quality food for a decent price. In closing Musa stated, "I really hate having to settle for your standard bar fare when it comes to eating late at night, especial in a food city like NOLA." With that said, don't settle and be sure to eat great, late.

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