Believe Me: HOB hosting Best of Local Hip-Hop with NOMW John Doe & Friends

00:00 July 16, 2014
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NOLA: the humble beginnings of Birdman, Curen$y, Dee-1, Juvenile, Kevin Gates, Mannie Fresh, Master P, Mystikal, Lil Boosie and Lil Wayne – just to name a few. But have you ever wondered where to catch the best in local hip-hop? Sunday nights from 7 – 9 p.m. with DJ Hektik is a good place to start. If you are a hip-hop lover I have to insist that you tune in. Spark up a smoke (an e-cig, duh) and recognize the true talent coming out of this city. I’ve been known to kick it parked in the Winn Dixie parking lot for this shit.

As far as live music goes the best place to be is HOB’s once a month hip-hop show hosted by John Doe & Friends. John Doe or Blake Owens (@JohnDoe504) of New Orleans Most Wanted hosts the “Next Up” battle series at HOB once a month in addition hosting “John Doe and Friends.” I had the pleasure of attending the last edition of John Doe & Friends and it was nothing short of dope.

I’ll begin by saying this is a local show that people actually attend. Don’t go and expect to be clustered with a few others in an empty room. These performers consistently draw a crowd. The HOB was packed for the most recent edition of John Doe & Friends which included Deelow Diamond Man, LG, Ja So Rude, Billsberry Flowboy, RSN, and of course John Doe & Castor. The show is free so there is no excuse not to get out and support quality hip-hop by local artists once a month.

All of the featured artists from the most recent John Doe & Friends show are hitting certain strides in their career but I was out to see my boy Billsberry Flowboy (@billsberryflow). Bills opened up for Deltron in March @ HOB and will open for the Kickstarter sensation and comedic Jew rapper Lil Dicky in September 25 @ HOB.

Per usual, Billsberry’s performance with John Doe & Friends was epic. There’s nothing like a crowd of screaming girls in the front row to measure success. His beats are consistently on point and perhaps that comes from years of winning rap battles. Yes, years. Bills in the reigning battle champ of NOLA and he can probably game the hell out of you too. But don’t let his competitive edge and white boy “pizazz” fool you – this is a man that loves his granny and runs things like a Boss at your neighborhood Take 5. Believe me. Or just check him out

I Need Beats

Hip-Hop Undead

Yat City Click


Billsberry is working on finishing his EP “I Need Beats” in order to gain support for a full album later this year. Don’t miss the chance to support this local artist before he hits the big time. Cuz then you’ll just look like a bandwagoner. 

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