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Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse Invade House of Blues

18:00 February 21, 2015
By: Emily Hingle

This show packed with Northern Europeans brought in folks from all over the south to experience the sounds of the icy, cold motherland. Both hailing from Sweden, Tribulation and Aeon opened this mega show with a bang. Aeon’s vocalist Tommy Dahlström has a particularly brutal growl that carried well over the over the aural assault blaring from the stacks of amps.

The only Yanks on the bill were Cannibal Corpse, the long-running Florida death metal bruisers you’ve been hearing about for years. They were even featured briefly in the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective; Jim Carey is a known metal fan. Vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer was sporting the shirt of the popular local metal band Goatwhore who were in attendance. Corpsegrinder’s infamously massive neck has the ability to swing his head around during headbanging at supersonic speed, making it a blur in photos. Their setlist consisted in part of “Evisceration Plague,” “Scourge of Iron,” “The Wretched Spawn,” “Pounded into Dust,” and their very popular song “Hammer Smashed Face.”

Behemoth took the stage in dramatic fashion. The stage was flooded with blood red lights like Carrie’s hellish gymnasium. Their microphone stands stood stalwart with demonic symbols affixed; the wall that kept the monsters at bay. The legendary vocalist and guitarist Nergal walked to his podium, knelt, and threw out his arms to announce his own arrival to the throng of exhilarated fans. He was followed by drummer Inferno, bassist Orion, and fellow ax-slinger Seth. Thus began the crushing tones. It was great to see this band again; they were last in New Orleans over 5 years ago and Nergal came close to death after being diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. They played a few selections from their tenth and latest blow to humanity, The Satanist.

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