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Baton Rouge Ranks 3rd Most Overweight City in the U.S.

12:00 March 10, 2021
By: Kala Hathorn

As Americans, we are considered to be some of the most overweight individuals in the world. According to Wallethub, 40 percent of adults that reside in the U.S. are overweight. With our diets being rich in fats and artificial chemicals, the inflation of our body weight comes as no surprise. Statistics also show that the cost of obesity-related medical treatment is $190.2 billion a year. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, people who are presumably already overweight or obese tended to have a harder time beating the disorder. Obesity has been a threat in our nation both lethally and financially. When it comes to fighting obesity in our own Louisiana backyard, we currently remain defeated with Baton Rouge ranking number 3 as the most overweight city in the U.S.

The methodology used to determine this startling statistic was examined by comparing 100 of the most populated U.S. metro areas using key indicators such as: obesity, health consequences, food, and fitness. Wallethub evaluated those indicators using a metric system that is graded on a point scale with 100 representing the "fattest." When it comes to the "fattest" in the country, Louisiana ranks high on every categorized list. For the highest percentage of obese adults, Lafayette, Louisiana, ranks number 3. For the highest percentage of physically inactive adults, Louisiana is on the list twice with Lafayette ranking number 2 and Baton Rouge ranking number 5. Lastly, New Orleans ranks number 4 with having the highest amount of cholesterol levels.

Combating obesity requires a ready mindset and a dynamic approach. With our state leading the nation in the highest obesity rates in the country, we must find common grounds in cultivating solutions to fixing this problem. Health experts on Wallethub have worked to gather to provide some answers and advice to solving our nation's leading health problem.

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