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Baton Rouge in Top 10 Best Cities for Work from Home Value

09:00 July 22, 2021
By: Olivia Longoria

After businesses across the country switched from working in office to through the screen, many are choosing to keep the work from home set up. Interestingly, the required social distancing that left offices empty helped the population realize that a lot of things can get done without having to commute to the office and stay there from 9 to 5. Of course, for some, being in a physical workspace with other people is better for productivity, but that isn't, and doesn't have to be, the case for everyone. For example, people with physical disabilities, people who have very long commutes, or families with young children would all benefit from the flexibility of being able to work from home.

With this new frontier of the reimagined working world in mind, LawnStarter ranked the best cities for working from home, with Baton Rouge coming in at number 6! By factoring in front and back yard sizes, fluctuations in rent prices, internet connection, and the incentives that cities offer to remote workers to move there, a list of 120 cities was formulated. An important part of working from home is having enough space to move around. Zooming into a meeting from your bed isn't exactly sustainable, so having enough to space to still separate work from leisure is important. Baton Rouge beat out every city and scored number one for biggest average yard size. Having a lot of affordable space makes it possible to have a healthy work/life balance, even if both your office and post work beer are at home. Other important qualities of a work-from-home-friendly-city include costs and buyer friendliness, both of which Baton Rouge passed with flying colors.

During the pandemic, many people have made the decision to quieter, more spacious cities to enhance their working from home experience. The secret of what the most sustainable and comfortable spots are to work from home is getting out. So, if you're thinking about keeping that remote job and making the jump, now is the time.

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