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Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week Celebrates 10 Years

09:00 January 04, 2021
By: Laurel Shimasaki

Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week (BREW) returns to spotlight, educate, and connect Louisiana's entrepreneurs. This year's keynote speakers include Philip Rosedale (founder and CEO of virtual worlds High Fidelity and Second Life), Patrick B. Comer (founder and CEO of Lucid), and Sevetri Wilson (founder and CEO of Resilia/SGI).

The schedule is packed with 14 additional speakers representing a range of what entrepreneurship looks like today. The diverse selection of presenters will bring their experience in the tech sector, real estate, urban planning, marketing, and other industries to the stage. When BREW says that the event aims to cover "entrepreneurship in Louisiana from every conceivable angle," they mean it.

The events will take place from Tuesday, January 19, through Thursday, January 21. Safe and convenient Virtual Attendee tickets are available for free.

Though the event will also be livestreamed, limited tickets are available to be in the socially distanced studio for the High-Stakes Pitch competition. Here, the stakes are specifically $50,000 high. Three startups will face off for the investment prize. All three small-scale Louisiana-based companies are high-potential, having already gone through an intensive process of closed-door semi-final pitches, coaching, and mentoring. The challenge will close out the three-day event by highlighting the heightened drama and theater in entrepreneurship.

Counterbalanced with the theatrics of the High-Stakes Pitch competition, another option proves that entrepreneurship includes elements of comedy as well as tragedy. For $30, a Hot Mic Executive Improv Session is available. Taught by five actors from Theatre Baton Rouge, this package will help you harness the art of "Yes, and…" thinking. The foundation of collaborative comedy is not just for sketch troupes anymore. BREW notes that improv skills can come in handy for "on-the-spot interactions you'll have in business."

You don't need to be an entrepreneur to attend BREW. Anyone interested in new developments in jobs, economics, and cultural change could benefit from checking out what's going on at the conference. BREW is a glimpse into some possibilities for Louisianians seeking to diversify from our biggest industries of oil, natural gas, agriculture, healthcare, and tourism. In the face of potentially long-lasting impacts of COVID-19 and global warming, Louisiana's expanding economic future should interest all of us.

After all, BREW's website states that its mission is "building our future." Talking about the future is the kind of inspirational-sounding goal that comes off as overused and exhausting. The future seems distant, meaningless, and full of corporate jargon. At BREW, there's certain to be a little bit of jargon, but the world these entrepreneurs envision is worth paying attention to.

For more information and for tickets, go to www.celebratebrew.com

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

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