All Photos: Courtesy of Steve Hatley

Bantam Foxes and The Breton Sound at Gasa Gasa

19:00 May 19, 2015
By: 2Fik

Saturday night's show at Gasa Gasa served two purposes. First off it was another Desert Island Discs presentation where The Breton Sound played Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American and Bantam Foxes played ACDC's Back In Black. The night also served as The Breton Sound's Don't Be Afraid of Rack & Roll Vol. 1 EP release party, which officially drops today.

The evening was a giant party that started off with the Bantam Foxes takes on ACDC's mega classic album, Back In Black. The guys were joined on guitar by Ken Faucheux and special guest vocals on "Back in Black" and "You Shook Me All Night Long" by Kyle Melancon of Dash Rip Rock. The running joke of the set was the fact that all ACDC songs sound alike. The crowded club didn't seem to care and the guys had a blast playing the album, capping off their long day that started with the Bayou Boogaloo show.

Before The Breton Sound tackled Bleed American, they treated the audience to the entire ep; a solid five songs that will be followed up later this year by Vol. 2. One can only hope that the material on it will be as satisfying as Vol. 1. As a first for the band, Jonathan Pretus wrote a love song, "Love You More," for his wife and enlisted Cherie LeJeune of the Wooden Wings to do backup vocals. She was at the show and joined the band for that track as well as three of the Jimmy Eat World tunes, most notably "Here You Me." She came back with her faience, Sam McCabe of the Foxes, to help the guys out on the last two tracks on Bleed American. The evening was an amazing triple celebration. You can see an extended gallery here:

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