Banksy’s “Looters” Mural has been moved to the Lobby of the International House Hotel

10:30 May 31, 2019
By: Cameron Minnard

According to, one of the Banksy murals in New Orleans has been moved to the lobby of the International House Hotel downtown this month. Sean Cummings, owner of both the mural and hotel, made the decision years after unveiling the restored mural known as "Looters" in 2017. The mural depicts two National Guardsmen lifting a television through a window with a shopping cart filled with other items nearby.

Notorious street artist Banksy originally stencilled the "Looters" along with several other art pieces in August 2008. While the city was preoccupied with preparing for Hurricane Gustav, Banksy took to the streets to make his mark on the Crescent City. Most of the murals could be interpreted as social commentaries on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Consequently, most of the murals were either defaced by other graffiti artists or painted over by anti-graffiti activists. The "Looters" piece was both vandalized and painted over causing Cummings to endure the painstaking and expensive process of restoring it. Despite this, Cummings unveiled the piece in November 2017 at a one-night exhibit in the Bywater neighborhood.

Tourists and locals alike can visit the lobby of this boutique hotel to witness this controversial mural at 221 Camp St. in the city's central business district, near the French Quarter. There is also a small room near the mural with photos of the restoration and information about the piece.

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