[Photo Provided by Where Y'at Staff]

Banks Street in Mid-City Receiving Dedicated Bike Lane

14:27 February 03, 2017
By: Christina Killelea
Starting this week, drivers and bicyclists will notice there will be new bicycle-only lanes on Banks Street in Mid-City. There will be one lane in each direction. Construction crews have completed the work on the portion of Banks Street between South Carrollton Avenue and Jefferson Davis Parkway. The roadway has now been reduced to a single lane and an added bicycle lane. At Banks Street and Carrollton Avenue intersection near Jesuit High School, right hand turn lanes have also been added.  
When the project is completed, Banks Street will be a single lane all the way down to the Broad Street intersection. In addition, right hand turn lanes will be at the Broad Street intersection. The roadwork is expected to reach completion by Mardi Gras, February 28. The construction for the bicycle lanes is part of a project titled "Banks, Desaix, and Elk Bike Facilities." This is known as a bond-funded project to improve the roadway infrastructure along the Banks Street pathway and including the Elks Place downtown and Desaix Boulevard in the Fairgrounds area. The total cost of the project is $57,064 total. 
Pavement Markings, LLC is in charge of supervising the work. Construction crews will also complete a bike lane on Desaix Boulevard as well as shared lane markings and crosswalk repairs at Elk Place and Tulane Avenue. 
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