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Award Winning Rockers Rise Against Coming to The Fillmore

15:00 July 29, 2021
By: Gigi Halpern

The kings of punk rock are taking a stand on recent social issues. Rise Against will be touring around the country to promote their new Loma Vista Recordings LP and its hit title track, Nowhere Generation, which has risen to the top of numerous Billboard charts since its release. This multi-Gold and Platinum punk rock band from Chicago formed in 1999 featuring Tim McIlrath (singer/guitarist/lyricist), Zach Blair (lead guitarist), Joe Principe (bassit), and Brandon Barnes (drummer). The band will be making a tour stop at The Fillmore, at 6 Canal St. in New Orleans, on August 10, 2021. New school punk and old school punk will come together in support of this tour with performances by Decendants and The Mezingers.

Rise Against's aggressive Nowhere Generation highlights the ever-growing social and economic challenges faced by younger generations in their quest for The American Dream. Their press release states that the band will be speaking to "disenchanted youth" through their "unabashedly outspoken songs." Lyrics to three of the album's hit songs, "Broken Dreams," "Forfeit," and "Talking To Ourselves" perfectly represent Rise Against's mission "to speak and scream when we feel there are things that are happening that aren't being addressed," Tim McIlrath said. He wants to "jostle people awake, even if it makes you uncomfortable." With over 57 thousand units sold worldwide in the first week alone, Nowhere Generation is positioned to remain at the top of the charts and Rise Against is sure to have a successful summer U.S. tour.

Click here to hear the LP and to learn more about the album. Visit to purchase tickets for the concert.

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