Astronautalis Rockets Off at HOB's Parish Room

10:17 October 28, 2016
By: Finn Turnbull

Cut the Body Loose is the name of the newest record release from alternative hip hop artist, Astronautalis, and he is on a fall tour of all fifty states to promote it. On tour with him is Canadian rapper, Transit, Canadian DJ, Factor Chandelier, and Ceschi from Connecticut. Transit opened the show with his more upbeat tracks. His beats were heavy with synths and his lyrics were a satire on life. Transit was comfortable talking with the crowd and had good energy for his songs. Ceschi, also known as Ceschi Ramos, let Factor Chandelier start the set with some ambient sounds and then began his first song with acoustic guitar and vocals. Just when you thought there was an intermission in the hip hop, Ceschi quickly stood up and rapped with incredible speed. His presence was unlike any other, utilizing the entire venue as his performing area. When he was bored of spitting bars on the provided stage, he would start rapping on the floor or all the way in the back by the bar, and the crowd would follow.

Astronautalis started at 9:45pm and emerged wearing a camouflage jumpsuit. His class of hip hop is unique in the way that he fuses it with indie rock and grungy electronic music. He rapped with a DJ and someone playing synths and acoustic guitar. Astro also had a great energy. He made use of every inch of the stage and even got into the crowd to let the lyrics flow while simultaneously taking selfies with fans. The style of his vocals are as aggressive as his heavy tracks, as he has taken on a raspy tone over the years and become much more intense with his delivery. He confessed that he felt refreshed and spirited simply because New Orleans is one of his favorite places in the world. The fans were all grateful he will continue to return as they lined up to meet him after the show.

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