Arnaud’s Becoming World’s First Restaurant With Champagne Vending Machine

10:05 April 05, 2017
By: Samantha Yrle

If possible, New Orleans has gained a completely new reason to be the best city in the world. Arnaud’s Restaurant in the French Quarter brings a whole new meaning to the term “instant gratification” this spring with their genius and much-overdue implementation of the one thing New Orleans has been waiting for this spring.

Arnaud’s Becoming World’s First Restaurant With Champagne Vending Machine

Introducing the new, state-of-the-art champagne vending machine! This Easter weekend, it seems that the Easter Bunny will be hopping on down to the Big Easy to deliver the biggest thing we never knew we needed. Champagne overload, Moët & Chandon are bringing a vending machine that will hold and dispense 320 mini bottles (178 mL) of Moët & Chandon’s Imperial Brut. So, you’re probably wondering now, “However does this magic work?” Simply pick up your Moët-branded gold coins which can be redeemed at the Arnaud’s French 75 Bar for $20, and the machine will carefully deliver your champagne without shaking it, and provide a spout for immediate, straight-from-the-bottle drinking.

Arnaud’s is one of New Orleans's oldest and most famed restaurants just steps away from Bourbon Street in the heart of the Quarter, specializing in classic Creole cuisine and a staff of perfectly trained servers. Offering live Dixieland Jazz in the Jazz Bistro, romantic candlelit dinners in the main dining room, specialty cocktails in the award-winning French 75 Bar, and now a rare champagne vending machine, Arnaud’s invites you to come on in and savor in this classic, one-of-a-kind dining experience.  

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