Apple Officially Announces iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

14:08 September 07, 2016
By: Lindsay Kornick

Get ready for an upgrade. Apple just discreetly announced the release date of their latest iPhone 7 as well as the 7 Plus on Twitter. Though the tweets were later deleted, plenty of people still witnessed the brief announcement and description of the latest phone to hit the market. Although Apple set its official announcement for later in the day, there are still plenty of details available for their new product.

On the surface, there does not appear to be too many differences in the iPhone 7. However, significant details place the phone much higher than its predecessors. For example, the antenna bands of the design have been repositioned in order to provide larger camera bumps in the back. In addition, the phones also have a new design for their camera with a new 12-megapixel "low-light loving" camera with optical image stabilization. The iPhone 7 plus also includes a dual-camera setup that "shoot as one for high-res optical zoom at 2x." More importantly, the iPhone 7 marks the first iPhone to be “water-resistant,” a highly-complimented feature for future products.

Additional features such as its stereo speakers and long-lasting batteries appear to be more subjective, but Apple clearly has enough to promote for the iPhone 7. Still, the company can and will likely announce other descriptions of the phone in the official announcement. Furthermore, notable critics or fans of the iPhone can debate whether or not the new model is indeed better or more advanced than the previous one.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be available for purchase on September 16. However, the new model is also available for pre-order today, likely setting up the announcement. With the huge impact of Apple products, the iPhone 7 should be the next best thing until the announcement of iPhone 8.

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