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Andrew Duhon Emerald Blue Album Release and BreakFest

16:00 May 04, 2022
By: Gracie Wise

When a foreign and strange virus forced the Crescent City into a two-year silence, Andrew Duhon traveled beyond the bounds of home and into the outskirts. On his adventures, he came across Fisherman's Castle on the Irish Bayou, a storied structure that was built to withstand even the strongest of hurricanes. This inspired him to write the single "Castle on Irish Bayou," an irresistible melody about leaving your troubles behind and settling for a simpler lifestyle.

"As I'm getting old enough to consider graduating from living under a landlord, the real estate prices just about everywhere in town scare me to the outskirts and get me thinking about what'd be like to be 'king of the Irish Bayou,'" Duhon joked.

"Castle On Irish Bayou" is compiled in the songwriter's upcoming album Emerald Blue, which consists of well-crafted melodies about his thoughts and feelings about the current state of the world.

"The more I travel, the more I feel that I'm a man without a country / Is there truth in the story of the promised land?" Duhon sings in his single "Promised Land."

Listeners can expect a mixed bag of tunes that'll make their minds wander about many places beyond their horizons, including "Down From the Mountain," Everybody Colored Their Own Jesus," and "As Good as It Gets." Each song is a mix of Americana, rhythm-and-blues, and folk genres, and his style is influenced by some of the greatest trailblazers in music history, including Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, and John Prine, who makes a fantasy appearance in the final track "As Good as It Gets."

Emerald Blue will be released on Friday, July 29. Anyone wishing to preorder or presave an album can be made here.

But that's not all; Duhon will be performing at Jazz Fest on Saturday, May 7 as well as hosting his very own mini-festival BreakFest! on Sunday, May 8 where he'll play a few sets during brunch hours. He'll then travel for his spring and summer tour where he'll be playing in cities such as Dallas, Chattanooga, Seattle, and New York.

Here is the BreakFast! second weekend schedule:

May 8th:

8am-8:45am - Yoga accompanied by Radio Bird Quartet
9am - 9:45am - Gabrielle Cavassa
10am - 10:45 am - Sam Doores
11:00am - 12 pm - Andrew Duhon (full band)
*a poem by Cubs the Poet during each changeover

TICKETS: https://broadsidenola.com/tickets/

Visit andrewduhon.com to learn more about Duhon's discography and his upcoming shows.

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