Andrew Bird Wows The Civic Theatre

10:39 October 05, 2016
By: Finn Turnbull

Lovers from all over gathered to the call of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird. A charming virtuoso from Chicago, Bird is currently touring to promote his new album Are You Serious which features collaborations with Fiona Apple and Blake Mills. His music appeals to all genders equally and has a way of being shared and appreciated by couples. The themes of love, molecular science, surreality, and day to day monotony in his lyrics speak to everyone who has ever taken the time to daydream. His main instrument is a violin, which he plays like a ukulele, often utilizing a loop pedal, as well as traditionally with a bow. He also plays guitar and glockenspiel, but he is most recognized for his operatic singing voice and his inhuman whistling ability. Bird is also extremely prolific, having released almost 20 albums in as many years.

Sinkane from Ohio opened the show with some funky alternative pop that loosened up the crowd. Born in London, England, Sinkane has been all over the world and the influence on his music really shows. Andrew Bird came on at about 9:15pm with his band “The Hands of Glory.” He opened with the first track from his new record, “Capsized,” and continued with a mixture of old and new songs. Before he played the song “Effigy,” he explained that he likes to make a point to play it in New Orleans because the main idea of the song came to him at the R Bar. Bird’s performance was just as tight as ever and his musical talent still knows no bounds. For his encore, the bass player and guitar player joined Andrew around a solitary mic with acoustic guitars for stripped-down versions of the songs “Give It Away,” from Break It Yourself, and “The New Saint Jude” from Are You Serious. His third and final encore song was his most popular song from The Mysterious Production of Eggs, “Fake Palindromes,” which provoked a joyous response from the crowd. It’s no wonder why the house was packed and why it will be packed again next time he swoops into town.

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