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AMC Elmwood and Clearview Movie Theaters Delay Opening

12:00 July 03, 2020
By: Graham Andreae

AMC Theatres are remaining closed because of COVID-19 and also due to a lack of blockbuster titles to bring audiences through their doors. They have decided to push back their opening another two weeks, according to reporting by CNN, as a result of two blockbusters being moved back. This decision is happening right around the time that states are considering reinstating stay-at-home orders as a result of a spike in coronavirus cases in several states.

U.S. theaters are, according to reporting, the last stage in AMC's reopening process across the globe. CEO Adam Aron stated that AMC is doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their customers and employees. Locations in Europe and the Middle East either reopened in June or will open in July, but the company remains conservative in its efforts stateside.

Separate reporting form CNN indicates that AMC is instituting a new policy on sanitation, which they are calling "AMC Safe & Clean," a plan that will include more stringent standards, such as limiting theater capacity to 30 percent and cleaning between screenings, along with a host of other measures.

The theater chain has also instituted a policy that requires the wearing of masks while in the theaters, in response to customers concerns, CEO Aron said, which should increase the safety of theaters.

AMC Theatres in Elmwood and Clearview are a part of AMC and will be following in step.

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