(Images Provided by Steve Hatley)

Alvvays, Not Always Played One Eyed Jacks

16:46 October 20, 2017
By: Steve Hatley

This coming November will mark three years since Alvvays came through town and played a SOLD-OUT show at Gasa Gasa. They were touring in support of their self-titled debut.

This time around, the band stopped by One Eyed Jacks in the Quarter to much more fanfare. They are touring on their sophomore album Antisocialites, which came out back in September. With just the two albums, the set was pretty evenly split between them. The Motorcycle Boy’s “Trying to be Kind” cover ended their three-song encore. The main set ending of “Party Police” and encore opening with two more tracks from the self-titled album was probably a deliberate choice, to keep the flow of the set to the liking of the older fans.

Alvvays’s sound, from the self-titled to Antisocialites, hasn’t changed much, but there are some subtle differences in style and technique that tend to be a bit more prevalent live. They played great and the audience, in turn, responded with enthusiasm all night. The move across town to One Eyed Jacks was only logical, as the band has become a bit more popular than the last time they came through.

The band is still touring with front projection, which didn’t work as great as their projectionist had hoped, but still offered something different to look at.

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