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All Time Low

19:30 April 15, 2015
By: Kevin Quinet

All Time Low
Future Hearts
Hopeless Records

Three years removed from their last album, Don’t Panic, All Time Low continues to grow with maturity and truly realize where their roots are. All Time Low’s pop-punk sound has created a Beatles-eque international fan base, and for an emo/pop-punk band from Baltimore, that is quite impressive. All Time Low has been creating music, heavily touring, and having a great time doing it for twelve years. Frontman Alex Gaskarth stated in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that he felt this album was almost autobiographical. Throughout Future Hearts that statement rings true, but the poppy-catchy sound that has made them heartthrobs around the globe pervades; the lyrics tell a story that has never been really been expressed prior. The intro track, “Satellite,” is very appropriate with the verse “Wishing on a star that’s just a satellite, driving in a car with broken taillights/Growing up with eyes glued shut/We were just kids, we were just kids singing,” clearly showing where they started. Sonically, the second track, “Kicking and Screaming,” has a guitar solo that hits home with their new mature bravado. Lead singer, Alex Gaskarth and Co. bring sing-along anthems as usual, but also deeper tracks that show they will not reinvent the wheel, but will not keep sticking to the script. The other hidden gem is a throwaway track from the prior album featuring Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 titled “Tidal Waves.” Top to bottom this album is a breath of fresh air and a sure-fire success.

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