All LA Whole Foods Stores Now Offer Amazon Prime Member Benefits

10:18 June 06, 2018
By: RoSha'e Gibson

Big things are happening between Amazon Prime and Whole Foods Market that could turn out to beneficial for their customers. Beginning Wednesday, May 30, a nationwide expansion will cause Whole Foods Markets across Louisiana to award benefits to members of Amazon Prime.

The perks of Prime would have extended across 12 states and 121 grocery store locations, including states such as Texas and California. Amazon acquired Whole Foods Market in a $13.7 billion deal over a year ago.

There are five locations in Louisiana and 3 in the New Orleans area with locations at 5600 Magazine St, 3420 Veterans Memorial Blvd, and 300 N Broad St. There are also locations in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Mandeville, all of which are now offering benefits to members of Amazon Prime. 

For the monthly price of $12.99, Amazon Prime presents its members with a wide assortment of benefits that include free downloadable content and expedited shipping. The benefits have led to high-demand items being cut in price among other benefits.

Prime member benefits include exclusive weekly “deep discounts” on select items that popular. Starting off, members will receive limited-time discounts on products such as rotisserie chicken and organic raspberries among other items. Also, they will receive an extra 10 percent off hundreds of in-store items.

Members who download the Whole Foods Market app and connect their Amazon account or scan the QR code(s) that are provided at registers during checkout access the benefits of Prime.

Amazon looks forward to one day expand to grocery delivery. A plan that is already in effect at select markets located in places such as San Francisco, Denver, and Sacramento where members can get free, two-hour delivery on orders for $35 or more. They also plan to continue expanding their service to markets nationwide, according to a news release.

The expansion is expected to continue nationwide throughout 2018.

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