The Playback by Nick Ray & LOC

19:30 September 24, 2015
By: Jason Wood

The Playback lays it all out on the line for everyone to see. This EP is a collection of 7 tracks in which Nick Ray and LOC show themselves determinedly pushing through the day to day, as they deal with life’s strife and seek out a higher level.

…Or at least that’s what I got out of the lyrics.

I’ve written about these two NOLA locals before when they released their second collaboration, “November”, which has now found a home within this very EP. Their musical connection was instantly apparent through the release of their first single, “Hell On Wheels”. Evidently this initial track spawned six additional collaborations, which would ultimately become The Playback.

Their synced artistic progression comes to light before us all as we experience the seven compelling pieces all produced by Nick Ray. Just as fast as Nick and LOC created their bond, a fan can connect with the two through LOC’s fluid-flowing lyrics and the soulful ambiance Nick Ray brings with his vocals and production. True lyrical hip-hop is the lifeblood of the EP. Though he’s been writing for over a decade, this collaboration marks the debut EP of New Orleans lyricist Logan Racine (aka LOC). I suggest you read his lyrics. The Playback proves noteworthy poetry still exists in Hip-Hop.


The Playback can be purchased through iTunes, Google play and Amazon.
It’s also available for streaming on Spotify and SoundCloud (3 of the tracks are still available as free downloads here!)


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